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  “I remember initially, over ten years ago, only being able to identify a few feelings, I may have been having.  Not feeling was easy.  How to not feel was not healthy, a contradiction to my true nature.  I’m grateful for help recognizing things that can upset me quickly, and cause huge additional problems when I would choose to not feel and deal with emotions, by drinking to much and running away from it all.  I’m still easily triggered but seeing the feelings for what they are allows some control.”

  “Have referred others to BPCC due to the outstanding services”


  “During the past 35 years I ,and my children have seen many different counselors due to various circumstances and my husband’s unexpected dealth in a vehicle accident when my kids were 10, 14 and 11 years old.  Some counselors have been helpful – some not at all, but I feel at age 69 my connection with Jill has been all positive.  I know when my middle child came here, several years ago, she was also helped.  Thank you”


  “Eve is eager to help and provides more than “active listening”.  She is very bright, perspective and knows when to “peel the onion” and reveal the unpleasant truths and walk through them with you.  She provides the tools to enable you to work to empower yourself.  I look forward to each visit with eagerness knowing I will gather wheat I need to keep moving forward.  On the lighter side, she has a great wit and sense of humor.  No matter how low I may be feeling, when my session is over, I’m feeling good about the world out there and me.  Thank god for Eve!”





• All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church
29 South Street, Brattleboro, VT‎ (802) 254-9377‎


• Centre Congregational Church
193 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT‎ (802) 254-4730‎


• Dummerston Congregational Church
Park Laughton Rd, Dummerston, VT (802) 257-0544

• First Baptist Church
190 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT‎ (802) 254-9566‎


• First United Methodist Church
18 Town Crier Drive, Brattleboro, VT (802) 254-4218


• Guilford Community Church
38 Church Drive, Guilford, VT‎ (802) 257-2776‎ 


• St. Michael’s Episcopal Church
16 Bradley Avenue, Brattleboro, VT‎ (802) 254-6048‎ 


• St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church
19 Walnut St, Brattleboro, VT (802) 254-6800

• Trinity Lutheran Church
161 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT‎ (802) 254-4220

Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center - Phone: (802) 254-9071 - Helping Persons of All Ages & Situations Find Meaningful Answers to Life’s Problems.

Helping Persons of All Ages & Situations Find Meaningful Answers to Life’s Problems.


Providing High-Quality, Non-Sectarian Pastoral Counseling, Psychotherapy, Couples & Family Therapy, Mediation And Meeting Facilitation at a Moderate Cost.

Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center
190 Main Street
Brattleboro, Vermont, 05301
Phone: (802) 254-9071
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
Hours vary depending on each therapist’s

or mediator’s schedule.

We Accept:
We are the only counseling center in this area that provides services for people regardless of their ability to pay. In order to do that, we rely on contributions, insurance company payments, co-pays and the generosity of many. We accept most insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid. Insurance co-pays are paid in cash or by check. Mediation fees are also negotiable.

Affiliations & Certifications:
Member of the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce