Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center


190 Main St, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Ctr - 802-254-9071

Welcome to Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center

The mission of the Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling

Center is to provide high-quality, non-sectarian

pastoral counseling, psychotherapy, couples and

family therapy at a moderate cost.

Caring and highly trained professional staff brings

together the healing resources of contemporary

psychology with training in systems of belief to help

each individual address his or her issues within the

context of personal faith and values.

Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center holds as central the importance of mind, body, and spirit working together in a healthy manner. Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center is a resource for persons who wish to enter a counseling relationship that honors individual beliefs.

Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center has expanded its mission to offer mediation services that help individuals and organizations resolve disputes or conflicts in a peaceful manner. In addition, the mediator offers group facilitation services.

Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center - Phone: (802) 254-9071 - Helping Persons of All Ages & Situations Find Meaningful Answers to Life’s Problems.

Helping Persons of All Ages & Situations Find Meaningful Answers to Life’s Problems.


Providing High-Quality, Non-Sectarian Pastoral Counseling, Psychotherapy, Couples & Family Therapy, Mediation And Meeting Facilitation at a Moderate Cost.

Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center
190 Main Street
Brattleboro, Vermont, 05301
Phone: (802) 254-9071
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
Hours vary depending on each therapist’s

or mediator’s schedule.

Important Insurance Information:
We are the only counseling center in this area that provides services for people regardless of their ability to pay. In order to do that, we rely on contributions, insurance company payments, co-pays and the generosity of many. We accept most insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid. Insurance co-pays are paid in cash or by check. Mediation fees are also negotiable.